About Liz Cannizzaro

Sloth fanatic, Harry Potter guru, Digital Marketing passion, avid animal skull collector, pin-up girl wannabe, drawing and painting hobbyist; these are just a bit of what I am.

I'm Liz and I am a New Jersey born and raised abandoned architectural photographer. At the age of 12 I shot my first wedding, not well might I add. Since then, I have grown into the strong, courageous woman I am today and have grown not only with my eye for falling structures but with making my clients happy. 

I am the relaxed type of photographer - I won't show up in a dress and nice shoes. I will be in jeans, a sweater and shoes that won't hurt my feet for 8 years. Hire me for your Christmas cards or to take casual photos of your family, engagement and children. Natural light is my best friend and I use this to my advantage for all photoshoots.